Tim Miller
Tim is the founder of OfficeRocker Productions. With a background in audio production and a dream of producing family-friendly entertainment, Tim, with the help of his close friends, created OfficeRocker Productions. Tim drives OfficeRocker's mission and vision, while also serving as primary director and editor on most projects. Tim is also a photographer and specializes in children and family photos.
Timothy Miller Photography
Tommy Huelsman
Tommy is one of the creative forces behind the films of OfficeRocker Productions. A marketing professional in real life, he also is a talented actor and writer, penning the scripts and appearing in many of OfficeRocker's films.
Joe Ireland
Joe is another of the creative minds of OfficeRocker Productions. He is an endless supply of ideas and perspectives. Joe's acting and improvisational talents have created some of OfficeRocker's most memorable characters and moments.
Benjamin Hill
Ben is a technical wizard and is often called on to solve problems on the set. His attention to detail and knowledge of computers are of great value during production. Ben also serves as the sound engineer and all things audio on most productions.
Benjamin Hill Consulting
Kevin Hodges
Kevin is the ultimate production assistant. He can do anything and everything you want him to do and do it well. He is also the world's record-holder for holding a microphone boom pole without collapsing.
Chris Ireland
Chris is a versatile member of the crew. On one project he may be a production assistant. On another he may fill in and perform in front of the camera.
Derek Miller
Derek is able to fill many roles within OfficeRocker. He is a very versatile actor and is usually unrecognizable from one film to the next. He is a talented photographer, piano virtuoso and a strong vocalist.
YouTube Channel
Nathan Curry
Nathan is a versatile actor and a very talented artist and singer.

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