Director:Tim Miller

Technical Supervisor:Benjamin Hill

Writer:Tommy Huelsman

Cast:Tommy Huelsman as Norman Baylor
Joe Ireland as Rusty Manslick
Meme Huffman as Flowershop Lady
Noah Hill as the Credit Keeper

Release Date:June 11, 2005


Notes:This was our first film and was shot for the Kino Louisville 48 Hour Film Kabaret, June 9-11, 2005. The secret ingredient was "Transaction." We used a Panasonic DVX100a. We really had no idea what we were doing at the time!

Trivia:This was our first film!
Filmed scenes entirely in reverse order, i.e. flower shop and credit card baby scenes were filmed first, etc.
The red button from the bebys white realm can be seen in the flower shop at about the 2:54 mark
To obtain the sweaty look in the flower shop scene, Ben was fiercely squirting Tommys face with a water bottle
We forgot to film the shot of the open, empty wallet while in the flower shop, so we had to film it later that night in Timmys kitchen
Meme Huffman had no idea she was going to be the "flower shop lady." We asked her to do it when we got there and she nailed it!
When Noah presses the red button, he was really picking it up to throw it. Thank goodness for editing.