Director:Tim Miller

Technical Supervisor:Benjamin Hill

Cast:Benjamin Hill as Nate Wardman
Heather Hill as Natalie Wardman
Farrel Hill as Lloyd Carby
Joe Ireland as Fireman #1
Farrel Hill as Fireman #2
Jeff Ivers as Fireman #3
Derek Miller as Fireman #4
Bryan Hill as boy in photo

Crew:Tommy Huelsman, PA
Joe Ireland, PA
Jason Crowe, PA

Music:Derek Miller

Release Date:July 23, 2006

Genre:Silent Film/Drama

NotesThis film was shot for the 48 Hour Film Project on July 21-23, 2006. Each film in the competition had to include a prop (Napkin), a line of dialog ("I promise it wont happen again.") and a character (Nate or Natalie Wardman, Retired Police Officer ). In addition, each team picked a genre from a hat. We picked "Silent Film."The film won the 48 Hour Film "Best Use of Character" award. We used a Panasonic DVX100a.

Festivals and Awards:Best Use of Character - 2006 48 Hour Film Project