Director:Tim Miller

Technical Supervisor:Benjamin Hill

Writers:Tommy Huelsman
Joe Ireland

Cast:Derek Miller as BreezeMan
Tommy Huelsman as the Psychiatrist
Nathan Curry as the Birthday Boy
Joe Ireland as the "Hot Soup" Don
Jesse Ford as Rocco
Chris Ireland as Knuckles
Kevin Hodges as the Leaf-raking Neighbor
Jeremy Duranceau as Cigarette Guy
Terri Hodges as the Panicked Mother
Reese Hill as the Rescued Baby
Extras: Becky Hagan, Todd Hagan, Kevin Hodges, Pauline Miller, DeWayne Grubbs

Artwork:Nathan Curry

Release Date:October 14, 2006


Trivia:Creating the breezes was interesting. Ben used a giant piece of foam core for some shots, a leaf blower for others, etc.
In the scene where BreezeMan is cooling off the soup, Timmy is actually crouched down behind Joey’s chair, waving Jessie’s tie with his hand to simulate it being blown in the breeze.