Director:Tim Miller

Technical Supervisor:Benjamin Hill

Writer:Tommy Huelsman

Cast:Tommy Huelsman as Norman Baylor
Joe Ireland as Forrest Greenwell
Patty Whited as Kelly Greenwell
Ellie Lewis as Jade Greenwell
Stephanie Combs as Hoola-hoop Girl
Jacob Huelsman as Boy at Party
Jonathon Huelsman as Balloon Boy
Derek Miller as Man with Bucket

Crew:Chris Ireland, PA

Release Date:September, 2005


NotesThis was shot for the Kino Louisville Open Screening, September, 2005. The secret ingredients were the color green, a wisecracker character, and a line of dialogue, "Whats that supposed to be?" We used a Panasonic DVX100a.

Trivia:When the bucket boy appears, you’ll notice an inconsistency in location. We jumped from the street to a parking lot.
In that same shot, Tommy is not wearing his seatbelt and the dome light is on.
Look for mysterious sets of eyes throughout the film.