Director:Tim Miller

Technical Supervisor:Benjamin Hill

Writers:Tommy Huelsman
Joe Ireland
Tim Miller

Cast:Tommy Huelsman as Jack Bilderbeck
Joe Ireland as Dr. Clayton Barnhardt
Betty Burns as Sylvia
Nathan Curry as David Zellaby
Derek Miller as Cal Meacham and the Inconsiderate Driver
Benjamin Hill as Annoyed Driver
Chris Ireland as the Annoyed Father
Reese Hill as the Inconsiderate Baby
Heather Hill as the Annoyed Mother
Noah Hill as the Annoyed Toddler
Ralph as the Inconsiderate Dog
Plus many good folks at Louisville First Church as the Enthusiastic Audience

Release Date:January, 2006


Trivia:There are several classic science fiction references in this film. If you are a buff you should be able to pick them up!
Shot the audience scenes on a separate day than the "on stage" scenes.