Director:Tim Miller

Technical Supervisor:Benjamin Hill

Writers:Joe Ireland
Derek Miller
Tommy Huelsman
Kevin Hodges

Cast:Derek Miller
Joe Ireland
Tommy Huelsman
Monica Fisher
Caleb Fisher
Noah Hill

Release Date:August 8, 2010

Genre:Foreign Film/Comedy

Notes:This film was shot for the competition, August 6-8, 2010. Each film in the competition had to include a prop (a photo of mom), a line of dialog ("What's that smell?") and a character (Michael or Maggie Charles, Scientist ). In addition, each team picked a film genre from a hat. We originally drew "Silent Film." However, we drew the same genre back in 2006 and didn't want to go that route again. So we traded it in for a "wildcard" genre and drew "Foreign Film." We shot with a Canon XH A1 and a Canon 7D.

Festivals and Awards:Official Selection - 2011 Florida Film Festival
Best Comedy - 2011 Danville Lawn Chair Film Festival
Official Selection - 2011 Dam Short Film Festival
1st Place - 2010 Elgin Short Film Festival
Best Cinematography - 2010 Louisville 48 Hour Film Project
Best Writing - 2010 Louisville 48 Hour Film Project
Audience Award - 2010 Louisville 48 Hour Film Project
Official Selection - 2010 River's Edge International Film Festival