The OfficeRocker Gallery
Television Commercials
Here are some of the television commercials OfficeRocker has produced.

Ashton Lockhart - Trauma Center TV Spot
Bethany Miller - Teen Stroke Television Spot
Jaretta Bull - Cancer Center TV Spot
University of Louisville Health Care - My First Choice Teaser
Michael Long - Burn Unit TV Spot
2010 Elgin Short Film Festival
"la Salle de Jeux" placed 1st at the 2010 Elgin Short Film Festival in Elgin, Illinois. Take a look at some of the pictures and comments from the weekend!

Slide Show
2010 Danville Lawn Chair Film Festival
We took a quick trip to Danville for the screening of "Crossing the Line" and "Lettuce Break Bread." It was pretty dark so we took only a couple of pictures.

Slide Show
2009 Elgin Short Film Festival
"Crossing the Line" placed 2nd at the 2009 Elgin Short Film Festival. Here are some pictures and clips from the event.

YouTube Video
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The Hemmens Cultural Center
First OfficeRocker Screening
Take a look back at the very first official OfficeRocker screening.

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Film Bloopers
Things don't always go the way we plan them. Here are a few examples of things going wrong during production!

Beyond the Music
The Joe Show Show Episode #2
He Opens A Window
Louisville First Church
Here are a few videos created for our home church.

Rachel Hodges Diabetes Video
Louisville First Church of the Nazarene Youth Group
Nazarenian Rhapsody
Miscellaneous Items
These are videos, slideshows or other items that don't seem to fit into any category.

OfficeRocker 3D Demo
CAI Lady Warriors Promo

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